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Tatvita welcomes your contributions and opinions. 

We accept the article on themes such as economy, public policy, and foreign policy. 

Categories for Contributions

You can contribute in one of the formats described in the following points:

  1. Article: An article/opinion of around 1000-1500 words. 
  2. Quick Read: A small piece of around 500-600 words. 
  3. Review: A detailed review of a book, relevant film to themes of 2000-3000 words.
  4. Analytics: Analysis of publicly available data with graphs, figures, tables, etc. of around 1000-1500 words. 
  5. Country Columnist: A Study of Economy, Public Policy and Foreign Policy of a particular country or region, except India, in around 1000-1500 words.

To publish with Tatvita, please write to us at tatvita.writingworld@gmail.com 

The subject of your email should include the format (For example, Article/Quick Read/Review/Analytics/Country Columnist) and the subject or tentative title of your work. 

Kindly send us the following information while making submissions (*Required information).

  • Institutional affiliation or professional designation*
  • Brief biodata*
  • Mailing address*
  • Author photograph, social media accounts link (Optional)


  • All submissions should be sent electronically, as attached word documents, to tatvita.writingworld@gmail.com 
  • Give us an indicative headline of 6-8 words; this is subject to editorial approval and can be changed.
  • For editorial consistency, we prefer UK English.  
  • Sources of your information, references, and databases should be mentioned at the end of the article or should be hyperlinked. 
  • Acronyms can be used but only after these have been expanded at the first instance.
  • Please avoid first-person expressions like “us” or “we”, especially while referring to a region, country, or its people, as it may sound jarring to readers from other geographies. 
  • Technical words and jargon should be explained in brief, as far as practicable. Also please mention the source or provide hyperlinks for data and figures.
  • Postal address and mobile details (for office records only) must be provided if you are contributing for the first time.


We encourage and accept submissions around the year and our team will respond to your submission. We will update you on the status of your contribution within five to seven working days.

The final draft will be cleared for publication by the Web Editor after it has been copy-edited and checked for plagiarism. Please mention if the article has already been published elsewhere. Kindly do not send the same article or piece which you intend to be published at Tatvita to multiple editors. 

The decision to publish the article shall rest with the editorial board of the Tatvita. The Editor reserves the right to take the final decision on the usage of the article, any alterations/changes required, and its publication. Copyright  rests with Tatvita and we reserve the right to make use of the material in any form deemed suitable.

Tatvita assures all our contributors that we maintain transparency at every stage of our publication process.

Once your article is accepted, our team would reach out to you at the given email address with an acceptance letter and copyright form as the procedure requires. The link to the final published article would be emailed to you.  Contributors will be free to share the link of the publication on any medium so long as appropriate credits are given to Tatvita. 

Write with Us- Tatvita