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To attain inclusive development of the world by sharing knowledge generated from research and analysis.


Knowledge has the power to drive the world. We aim at generating awareness by providing analysed information and contributing to the betterment of the world.

To know how did the name ‘Tatvita’ has been derived watch this video.

Focus Area

Economy, public policy and foreign policy as study areas are interdisciplinary & inclusive in approach and nature. With Interlinkages they form a circle of development for a region, state or nation.

The economy’s performance or its functioning constitutes of production, consumption, distribution, resource usage, and trade. The performance of all these determinants depends on the level of development of a geographical location.  And the progress of a place is a result of utilisation of natural and human resources; social and physical infrastructure. Many times as they are not optimally used.

For developmental purposes, the government intervenes through schemes, policies and programmes to give a required push for development. With efforts, the domestic economy is set on the path of growth. On the path of growth, financial limitations become the hurdles. To match aspirations of citizens, the government and private sector face funding needs. These can be attained with foreign aid, loans and trade. The thriving domestic require access to markets in other nations to sell the surplus amount of produce. Foreign policy and international relations play a greater role to gain access to international markets.

The development of the domestic economy, public policy and foreign policy go hand-in-hand. Solely focusing on one of the areas and ignoring others would not be helpful to connect the circle of development. Based on the above-mentioned understanding, Tatvita’s aims to study how circle of development can be joined to the domestic economy, development of human, natural resources, infrastructure to the external sector.

Even if AI performs research, human thoughts and touch would make it more realistic and useful for people. Research & analysis won’t fade away!

Will there be a world with no scarcity of resources and where people don’t have choices, opportunities or incentives? If the answer is no, then economics would prevail!

Will there be any country in the world who’s government does not come up with any welfare schemes for its people? If the answer is no, then public policy will be studied!

Will there be a situation when all countries have become self-dependent so that they do not require having a relationship with other countries? If the answer is no, then Foreign Policy would matter!