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Founder’s Desk

Tatvita is an online knowledge-sharing platform aimed at providing ‘readily analysed information’. It has been started with a focus on analytical and detailed study of 3 areas, economy, public policy and foreign policy. The vision of Tatvita is to help attain inclusive development for the world through research & analysis. 

Tools and techniques may vary however, research, analysis and knowledge holds the key for cooperative and collaborative development of the world. Hence Tatvita strives to publish content on any country in the world for these focus areas. 

Aspirations, challenges and solutions differ for countries across the world but the fundamentals or principles remain the same. These principles are also known as the ‘universal principle’ or ‘Tatvas’ which connect all of us. 

Tatvita is the energy embracing universal tatvas. Those are the five universal principles Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. These principles and energies are highly correlated to our day-to-day life and hence to our cause of research. 

IKIGAI of Tatvita is to understand the multidisciplinary world and share the acquired knowledge with all.  


Anyone who is interested in contributing and imparting their ‘Knowledge’ with others is welcomed aboard. Together shall we reach the last mile connectivity, spread the information for development of all! 

Ms. Vaibhavi Pingale

Founder & Analyst, Tatvita

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